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Career Associate

Pesto Tech

Pesto Tech

India · Remote
Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2023
As a Career Associate, you will be responsible for supporting our developers in enhancing their professional profiles, refining their portfolios, and preparing them to thrive in the competitive global job market.
Your role is integral to the success of our developers, as you will assist them in showcasing their work and enable them to stand out as top-tier candidates to potential employers worldwide.
* Help Pesto Developers build their perfect portfolio, resume, a 60 seconds video SOP
* Personal Branding: Assist in crafting personal branding statements, elevator pitches, and their social media handles (linkedin, github, etc.)
* Single point of contact for all placement related queries
* Ensuring the quality of deliverables required for the developer's placement.
* Career Coaching: Provide personalized career coaching and guidance, helping them identify their career goals and develop strategies to achieve them.
* Work on improving the placement preparation process, in collaboration with mentors.
* Career Workshops: Develop and deliver career-focused workshops and seminars, covering topics such as resume writing, networking, and personal branding.
* Past experience in resume writing/ technical content writing or tech background with a knack for writing
* Familiarity with portfolio development, resume writing, and career counseling practices.
* Exceptional communication and mentoring skills, with the ability to engage, motivate, and inspire candidates to reach their career goals.
* Passion for helping developers land their dream job
Need to have
* High Energy
* Passion for helping developers land their dream job
* Structured thinking, being organised and self disciplined
* Fearlessness with a willingness to try new ideas and be wrong (but definitely learn from the experience)
Nice to have
* An unabashed desire to work with A players and an unwillingness to compromise
* Ability to build trust with the team members
* Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and high growth business environment
At Pesto, we value talent density a lot. We believe when people who’re talented & are amazing human beings - we think magic happens. If you’re someone who fits into our culture - we’d love to hear from you! We’ll make sure we make the next few years memorable for all of us.
Alternatively, we'd highly recommend you to not apply in case you don't associate with our culture. We believe no one is a bad/good employee - we want to make sure you enjoy working at Pesto & everyone else enjoys working with you as well. We'd recommend you go through this document to help you get a better understanding of our culture & only apply if you reflect well with it.