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Consumer Software Engineer, Full-stack, React (Sr / Staff)

Everyday Agents

Everyday Agents

Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2024

About Everyday Agents

Consumer Travel is Ripe for Disruption

Today's travelers are seeking personalized, immersive, and authentic experiences that reflect their unique tastes and interests. They want to be inspired, to feel the thrill of discovery, and to seamlessly benefit from technology throughout their journeys. Yet, the current travel landscape is a maze of disjointed self-serve transactions, often leaving travelers feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. The explosion of travel booking sites is sucking the fun out of getting away, with travelers needing to visit dozens of websites to plan a trip and often needing to resort to time consuming offline strategies. As a result, the joy of travel is often overshadowed by the stress of planning, with travelers spending significantly more time researching a vacation today than just a few years ago.

Our AI-Native Travel Concierge

Introducing Everyday Agents, a stealth startup backed by four top venture funds that is reimagining the way we travel. Everyday Agents is building an AI-powered Travel Concierge (currently in private beta) that simplifies the process of discovering, planning, and booking trips, all in one app. It intuitively understands your preferences, assists in uncovering stays, activities, and dining options, and supports travelers throughout their journey, from exploring potential destinations to accommodating last-minute changes during a trip. It’s like having a personal travel agent, but better, as it’s affordable, available 24/7, responds within seconds, and is armed with local insights, captivating photos, maps, itineraries, pricing, and availability. By harnessing the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs) and pioneering breakthroughs in Agent Architectures, Everyday Agents is poised to revolutionize the travel industry.

Market Opportunity

Contributing over 10% to the global GDP, the travel and tourism sector is on the brink of a significant transformation resulting from fundamental shifts in consumer preferences. Newer generations are prioritizing experiences, particularly travel, over material possessions, and the influence of social media is further fueling this trend by inspiring travelers to seek out unique and personalized experiences. As a result, the online travel market, already a $2.3 trillion industry, is projected to grow by more than 10% per year through 2030. With its focus on crafting exquisite, personalized trips, Everyday Agents is well positioned to capitalize on these trends and transform the way we travel.

Why Everyday Agents?

Everyday Agents' ability to execute this vision is underpinned by an experienced founding team and investors with highly-relevant expertise. Our CEO is Jonathan Downey, a three-time AI-startup founder, MIT engineer, and 3rd generation pilot with a lifelong passion for travel. Additional co-founders and founding team members bring decades of expertise in consumer apps and data-driven personalization and include a senior data leader from Stitchfix and the Head of ML from Candidate Labs. The company is backed by former executives from Pinterest, Twitter, and Stitchfix alongside top AI-focused venture funds including SignalFire, Moxxie Ventures, and Fuel Capital.

The Role: Founding Software Engineer

We are currently searching for an exceptional and driven full-stack engineer with a passion for creating products from scratch and a keen eye for detail. You will be joining a team that is pushing the boundaries of leveraging LLMs to reshape how users interact with software creating entirely new user paradigms. Your work will rely upon your expertise and innovation to create novel user experiences as we believe LLMs applied to the travel industry will fundamentally change the way people travel.

As a founding engineer and early employee you will help take our proof of concept to a public launch where an amazing user experience brings joy and sparks user growth. You will be on a small team of high caliber software engineers, ML engineers, and data scientists solving big problems collaboratively while planning, building features and shipping code will be very autonomous creating an environment to unlock your momentum. As an early hire your technical decisions will be paramount as you will need to balance moving quickly with the reality patterns and architecture you code will need to be extended by future team members.

About You

  • You thrive in tearing into projects with varying degrees of definition, using quick iteration as a means to flush out detail

  • You love to ship code to production daily, but also have the experience to know what it takes to do this safely and responsibly

  • You enjoy working with product to propose alternative solutions by clearly articulating tradeoffs

  • Your work product tends to inspire people to extend and launch new ideas

  • As there is a substantial amount of surface to create, you’re energized to focus 75% of your time on the frontend, however you have the skills in the backend to stand up architecture that can accommodate webscale traffic

  • In addition to creating user oriented features, you are excited to be part of LLM transformative wave to help forge tooling, observability, and eventually discovering best practices around LLM development

  • You come to the table with strong opinions, yet are loosely held.


  • Have an advanced level understanding of JavaScript, the Javascript / Typescript / React ecosystem, and it’s runtime and are not intimidated to debug core frameworks

  • Manage a lot of complexity by breaking things down into smaller components, creating intelligent bounded contexts which in turn create clean API’s and obvious component trees

  • Have shipped several applications that manage complex stateful react components alongside reusable presentational components which are performant at scale

  • Strong command of at least one backend framework such as Node.js / Rails / Flask / Play to create role based API access to our data model


  • Have hand on experience using devops tooling such as Terraform to control AWS / GCP cloud infrastructure

  • Proven track record shipping software in highly dynamic early stage startup environment

  • Experience with mobile development

  • Have strong skills in proposing new schema changes through ER diagrams

  • Stood up CI / CD pipelines

  • You have some hands on experience tinkering with LLM tool chains such as GPT, Langchain, HuggingFace, etc

  • Have build and shipped Next.js applications

  • You are as proficient in Python as you are in JS / TS / React

Total compensation & pay transparency

The compensation package for this role is meant to align with top Series-A companies and includes:

  • Cash Compensation: The expected total cash compensation is $180K - $240K

  • Equity: As a founding software engineer on the team, you will be granted significant ownership in the company

  • Health Benefits: Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your dependents

Our Team

On our team we have:

  • Three-time entrepreneur and founder/CEO with a history of raising over $100M in funding

  • COO who is a three-time co-founder/founding COO, with a history of raising over $500M in funding

  • hands-on engineering leader, and former CTO, with expertise in full stack development, who has built high performing teams over 15 years, and worked for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

  • data science leader with 15-years of experience, who has scaled several data teams and built dozens of machine learning products from zero across multiple problems domains

  • machine learning expert with 12 years experience working across a range of domains from finance, ad tech and search, with research driving over 500 academic citations

Together we’ve worked across dozens of different industries, and share a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, that span: computing, theater, skiing, physics, gardening, chess, mathematics, kiteboarding, and travel! Yes - we are all passionate about Travel. We’ve deeply felt the struggles with the modern discovery and trip experience, and started this company with a mission to solve it together!